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"It's been a real pleasure working with Christopher these past few months. He was able to beat a few of my control swipes which isn't an easy task as those controls were already tightly dialed-in.

Chris is going places. His writing has improved every single month since working with me. Highly recommend you try him out.

- Matthew Shuebrook | Founder, IAM Marketing

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Who Have I Driven Performance For? 

My current client, IAM Marketing Agency, has more than 10 offers - several of which are within the top 5 highest-selling weight loss, blood sugar, and pain relief products on Clickbank.

Since January of 2021, my email creatives have generated $500,000+ in revenue for these offers on cold traffic.

I also hold the control swipes for 3 of those offers, one of which is turning every $1 into $2, and the others are turning every $1 into between $1.50 and $2.

What Will I Bring You? 

My focus is to deliver you new control swipes that help reduce your CPA on paid drops and bring a higher ROI so you can scale on cold traffic.


I do this with eye-catching subject lines and creatives (each with a custom-designed image) that drive curiosity and boost your CTO/CTRs with qualified traffic.

Want To Discuss Writing Your Next Control Swipe? 

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How Can My Alternative Health Background Help You? 

> My father was a world top 20 Australian PGA golfer and my mother was the first Primordial Sound Meditation teacher for Deepak Chopra in the pacific rim. Alternative Health is a part of my life since childhood.

> I was a professional Australian Rules football player for 3 years, which gave me a solid introduction to natural supplementation and peak performance.

> Multiple injuries and illnesses forced me out of pro sport (fortunately!) and I became a Personal Trainer.

> I ran my own personal training business for 5 years, specializing in Biomechanics and Pain Alleviation. I also studied Whole Food Nutrition during this time.

> I personally suffered from back pain and digestive health issues for many years. I know what it takes to heal these naturally.

> Today, I study the work of Alternative Health greats such as Wim Hof, Dr. Joe Dispenza and various other thought-leaders on Gaia TV.

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The Torus Copywriting System

How Can I Guarantee You Results?

Since January of 2021, my copy has been critiqued by 3 of the world's top copywriters.


Tom McCann
Copy Chief for IAM Marketing agency.

Stefan Georgi
World's #1 Copywriter & Co-Founder of the Copy Accelerator Mastermind

Justin Goff
Regarded as the "King of Converting on Cold Traffic" & Co-Founder of the Copy Accelerator Mastermind. 

As a result of consistent weekly feedback, I've developed a comprehensive "checklist" and system that ensures my emails convert for you.

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