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Expanding Sustainable e-Commerce Brands into Amazon Europe

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Expanding your operations into Amazon Europe allows you to reach tens of millions of new customers, and with the majority of US-based Sellers resistant to venture into the foreign markets, now is the perfect time. 

All you need is the right help.

The Torus Story

In March 2018, I received the life-changing news that my first daughter was soon to enter into the world. If you've experienced that moment before, you'll understand the profound effect it has on you.


Just two weeks before receiving the news, I'd also begun a new role as an Account Executive with a company helping private-label Sellers and brands to launch their products on Amazon. 

During hundreds of consultations and hours of in-depth research, I was inspired as a soon-to-be-father by the wealth of product options available. From eco-friendly toys to ethically-sourced supplements, Amazon was filled with some pretty incredible products - many of which I never knew existed.  

Living in Lisbon, Portugal, there was just one big challenge ⏤ not all of these products were readily available in Europe!


When Valentina was born, I began to think more about the type of home and the mindset I'd like her to grow up with. Seeing how many new products I needed to purchase and how many 'every-day' products I was disposing of each week, I focused more attention on finding the best quality sustainable brands I could on Amazon EU.

That's why I created Torus.

Through the services we provide, the mission of Torus is to assist quality sustainable brands to expand their e-commerce presence into the Amazon EU and help to get their eco-friendly products into the hands of more customers.  


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