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Are you a publisher or offer owner in Alternative Health?

Want to make more money from your email list or through cold affiliate traffic?

My speciality is writing you curiosity-inducing, high-converting email creatives that help "get the click" and bring you more traffic.

Chris is the most skilled copywriter I've ever worked with. Stop looking and just hire him now. You'll be glad that you did!

- Robert Brus | Founder, Go-All-In
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Who Have I Driven Performance For? 

My current client, IAM Marketing Agency, has more than 10 offers - several of which are within the top 5 highest-selling weight loss, diabetes, and pain relief products on Clickbank.

Since January of 2021, my email creatives have generated $350,000+ in revenue for these offers on cold traffic.

What Will I Bring You? 

The above emails are "affiliate swipes" that run on cold traffic, If I write these for you — the reader has likely never seen your offer, so I focus on deep research and understanding of your audience to get optimal results.


The same applies if I am writing to help bring you more revenue from your warm traffic email list.


No matter your traffic source, my approach is to deliver fresh, creative angles that appeal to your audience, in the form of punchy, curiosity-inducing emails that "get the click" and bring you more traffic.

Want To See Some Samples? 

Please send an email to and I'd be glad to send you samples for any of the following offers:

> Weight Loss
> Joint Pain Relief
> Back Pain Relief
> Diabetes & Blood Sugar
> Hormones
> Keto

If you're familiar with my work and you would like to discuss your project (without requesting samples), please tap the button below:

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How Can My Alternative Health Background Help You? 

> My father was a world top 20 Australian PGA golfer and my mother was the first Primordial Sound Meditation teacher for Deepak Chopra in the pacific rim. Alternative Health is a part of my life since childhood.

> I was a professional Australian Rules football player for 3 years, which gave me a solid introduction to natural supplementation and peak performance.

> Multiple injuries and illnesses forced me out of pro sport (fortunately!) and I became a Personal Trainer.

> I ran my own personal training business for 5 years, specializing in Biomechanics and Pain Alleviation. I also studied Whole Food Nutrition during this time.

> I personally suffered from back pain and digestive health issues for many years. I know what it takes to heal these naturally.

> Today, I study the work of Alternative Health greats such as Wim Hof, Dr. Joe Dispenza and various other thought-leaders on Gaia TV.

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Client Feedback...


"Before we hired Chris as a copywriter, we had trouble locking down who our target customer would be, and Chris really helped us solve that problem.


He came up with multiple options, and we worked together to determine the exact profile we would target. We also had trouble finding a happy medium for the tone we wanted to express, and Chris helped us nail that. We kept going back and forth to lock down the exact customer and tone we wanted to express, which got a bit frustrating, but Chris helped us tie it all together. Chris took his time to really help us. He went above and beyond with his time and energy, and it really showed us in the end when the project was complete.


We realized Chris’ copywriting was working to solve our problem when he showed he fully understood what we were trying to achieve, and laid out all the possibilities we were thinking of but couldn’t put words to.


We now have a clear understanding of who we are speaking to through our copywriting, and can’t wait to work with Chris on future projects."

- Adam Horwitz & Brad Larson, Thinkubator Management

The Torus Copywriting System

How Can I Guarantee You Results?

Since January of 2021, my copy has been critiqued by 3 of the world's top copywriters.


Tom McCann
Copy Chief for IAM Marketing agency.

Stefan Georgi
World's #1 Copywriter & Co-Founder of the Copy Accelerator Mastermind

Justin Goff
Regarded as the "King of Converting on Cold Traffic" & Co-Founder of the Copy Accelerator Mastermind. 

As a result of consistent weekly feedback, I've developed a comprehensive "checklist" and system that ensures my emails convert for you.

If you would like to discuss how the Torus system can help drive more revenue for you, please tap the button below:

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