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Torus Global Services

We book meetings for your sustainable company with billion dollar brands

Expand your sustainable brand with highly targeted sales opportunities



The need for quality Sustainable products is on the rise, and companies know this. 

With more suppliers and retailers starting to increase business on a global scale, eco-friendly brands just like yours are quickly making their move to put products in front of them.


The challenge is that Buyers and Merchants are flooded with new products every day, which means your pitch needs to be well-thought-out and perfectly executed to ensure a meeting - especially when it comes to the retail giants.  



At Torus, you can rely on our team to provide you with:

  1. Highly targeted lead generation with the types of clients that buy more from you (with less effort required)

  2.  An eye-catching value proposition copy-written, which you can confidently share across multiple marketing channels to sell more products and increase your advertising ROI

  3.  Emails delivered straight into your targeted prospects inbox, to help shorten your sales cycle and bring a consistent flow of high quality leads for your Sales team to close

  4. More meetings booked so that your team can speak directly to the right people who can quickly grow your brand

With a targeted and personalized approach to every email we send, the results for your company are increased brand awareness, thousands of hours and dollars saved for your sales team, powerful contacts for your network, and significant revenue opportunities.


Above all, there's the opportunity to put your products in front of the billion-dollar companies, which could be the turning point your brand has been searching for.

To find out how Torus Global can help you reach new audiences and increase revenue, please contact us via the form below, or book your free 20-minute Discovery Call with us.


Watch this short video to learn more about our private online workshop, where we provide your sales team with the exact formula we used to book meetings with billion-dollar brands like Walgreens, Rona, and Walmart.

Case Study

ABOUT: Green Gobbler is a collection of eco-friendly home cleaning solutions, with 24 products across 4 categories. Established in 2012 and with a turnover of US$40m, the business is now expanding its product line internationally.

CHALLENGE: Green Gobbler wanted to enter into some of the larger US and International retailers.


COO, Matt Sternberg, knew that email was a powerful way to contact Buyers, but needed something extra to spark their interest for a meeting. When he discovered Torus, Sternberg took the shot to try their email approach.

SOLUTION: “We looked into email but had low response rates and found it limited our Sales teams' interaction with Buyers,” says Sternberg.


“When we learned there was a more effective strategy for emailing, it meant we could reach the best decision-maker faster than traditional phone calls or travel to trade shows."


“The Torus approach gives our team a consistent flow of high-quality prospects and has shortened our sales cycle immensely. And, we're now on the phones with some of the biggest retailers in the world.” Sternberg continues.

RESULTS: In just 6 weeks, 14 of the 26 retailers contacted have requested product samples and/or calls, with a combined 42,000+ new potential stores for Green Gobbler.

Combined Annual Revenue of Interested Prospects:

$US 1.01541 Trillion

Combined Number of Stores of Interested Prospects:

42,591 Stores

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To find out how Torus Global can help you reach new audiences and increase revenue, please contact support@torus.pt, or book your free 20-minute Discovery Call with us below:

"I was honestly skeptical when I first heard the Torus pitch but I decided to take a leap of faith and partner with Christopher Ogle and his team. Within the first few weeks I was blown away by the level of meaningful engagement they sparked from buyers and executives at some of the largest retailers in the world. This system is fast-tracking what can normally take years to accomplish. Looking forward to all the growth that is sure to come!"

- Matt Sternberg

Green Gobbler COO

Brands we've Connected Clients With




How does the Torus approach work for your Sustainable brand?

The Torus approach helps you to create an engaging value proposition and land it in the inbox of highly targeted, qualified decision-makers to book you more meetings.

Below are the 7 PHASES we go through together:


PHASE 1:  Preparation and Goal Setting

An introductory planning session to determine target lead criteria, financial objectives, and what's required to get you there.

PHASE 2: Tools and Setup for Optimal Deliverability and Protecting your Domain

The Torus team sets up an exclusive email account designed to protect your existing domain and increase deliverability. 


PHASE 3: Create your Value Proposition

A second strategy session focused on creating an engaging value proposition that will spark your target Buyers' interest. 

PHASE 4: Create your Cold Email Sequence

The Torus team builds out the rest of the email sequence in preparation for the campaigns.

PHASE 5: Build a list of Verified Target Prospects

We create a list of targeted prospects then we're ready to launch!


Prior to, we'll hop on a final call with you to verify the list. This is because we want to make sure we're approaching the right prospects and none your team has already engaged with. 


PHASE 6: Deliverability and Data Tracking

Our team closely tracks the results and shares them with you on a weekly strategy call.

PHASE 7: Book Discovery Calls for your Sales team

Any moment a response is received by a prospect, we'll loop you in to move the potential deal forward and provide any Sales support where your team needs it.

Whatever it takes to turn a possibility into a partnership for your brand!

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To find out how Torus Global can help you reach new audiences and increase revenue, please contact us via the form below, or book a free 20-minute Discovery Call with us:

+1 323 419 3316 (US)
+351 913 743 139 (EU)

The Torus Story

In March 2018, I received the life-changing news that my first daughter was soon to enter into the world. If you've experienced that moment before, you'll remember the profound effect it has on you.

Two weeks before receiving the news, I'd started a new role as an Account Executive with a company helping private-label Sellers and brands to launch their products on Amazon. 

During hundreds of consultations and hours of in-depth research, I was inspired by the wealth of product options available for our home and our daughter. From eco-friendly toys to ethically-sourced clothing, Amazon was filled with some pretty incredible products - many of which I never knew existed. 

Living in Lisbon, Portugal, there was just one big challenge ⏤ not all of these products were as readily available as they were in the US! 

When my daughter was born, I began to think more about the type of home and the mindset I'd like her to grow up with. Seeing how many new products I needed to buy and how many 'every-day' items I was disposing of each week, I decided to focus more attention on finding the best quality sustainable brands I could on Amazon Europe and in retailers.

When I saw the limited options and the equal opportunity for sustainable brands to expand their business around the world, I created Torus.

Through a series of specialist email outreach and sales techniques, Torus helps sustainable companies to book meetings with billion-dollar brands like Lowes and Walmart, to help get their products into the homes of millions of new potential customers. 

Whether it's retail or eCommerce, our dedication is to connect sustainable brands with the people, platforms, and partnerships that can accelerate their global expansion, with the long term vision to build a cohesive network that powers eco-friendly commerce and heals the planet. 


If you'd like help expanding your Sustainable brand, please get in touch with me via:

- support@torus.pt

Or if you'd like to jump on a short call to discuss a plan for your approach into eCommerce or Retail, you can book your free 20-minute Discovery Call with me below

I look forward to connecting and being a part of your journey.

My best,

Christopher Ogle
Founder | Torus Global