Make your marketing more effective.

Good marketing isn't enough to produce the results your business needs.

Brilliant marketing isn't enough to produce the results your business needs.

To close more customers and grow your bottom line, you're looking for words that attract and inspire people to act.


We exist to bring you them.

Hi, my name's Christopher Ogle, Founder of Torus Global. 

Since 2015, I've been working with companies and leaders to create effective copy that closes. Not the type of writing for blogs, social media content, or work that gets results in the future. The writing I focus on is the type that attracts attention, books meetings, and increases your sales now.

Below are some examples of companies like Walgreens, Rona, and Walmart, who requested products or meetings after a recent cold email campaign I ran for our client, Green Gobbler.

If you're in need of someone to help you write an effective landing page, website, or email copy from scratch, or if you're looking improve upon your existing work and see an immediate shift in revenue, let's jump on a call here or via the button above.

Brands we've connected our clients with




"I was honestly skeptical when I first heard the Torus pitch but I decided to take a leap of faith and partner with Christopher Ogle and his team. Within the first few weeks I was blown away by the level of meaningful engagement they sparked from buyers and executives at some of the largest retailers in the world. Torus is fast-tracking what can normally take years to accomplish. Looking forward to all the growth that is sure to come!"

- Matt Sternberg

Green Gobbler COO

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