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Lead Generation Workshop

Book meetings with billion-dollar brands

Shorten your sales cycle and land bigger deals with the Torus Advanced Lead Generation method

Watch this short video above and learn how our private online workshop can help you create more sales opportunities and increase profit for your sustainable company


The demand for quality Sustainable products like yours is rising fast. 

But with growing competition, what prospecting methods are you using to get in front of the right person to pitch your product?

People are busy and repetitive cold-calls or excessive travel to trade shows are becoming less effective. If you're not seeing the results you want with these traditional methods then you'll know how frustrating (and expensive) it can be.

You need a better solution to create bigger and more effective opportunities.

Imagine if you knew a formula to quickly find and connect with the right buyers to pitch your product?

NO cold calling to voicemails.
NO excessive travel necessary.


At Torus, 3-Hour Email Lead Generation Workshop is designed to give you the steps to:


  • Create an engaging value proposition with persuasive copy

  • Find the right contacts you need

  • Land your value proposition into their inbox, and

  • Book more meetings with the companies you want to do business with

All the tools and the strategy you need, in one place.

Chat with us, or click on the button below to schedule a free 20-minute call and learn the 4 Email Lead Generation trends that will set you apart from your competitors this year and beyond...

Brands we've Connected Clients With





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"I was honestly skeptical when I first heard the Torus pitch but I decided to take a leap of faith and partner with Christopher Ogle and his team. Within the first few weeks I was blown away by the level of meaningful engagement they sparked from buyers and executives at some of the largest retailers in the world. This system is fast-tracking what can normally take years to accomplish. Looking forward to all the growth that is sure to come!"

- Matt Sternberg

Green Gobbler COO

Here's exactly what you’ll learn in this private workshop:

  1. How to set up an exclusive domain and email account designed to increase your email deliverability whilst protecting your existing company domain 

  2. How to write persuasive copy and a value proposition that will spark curiosity and get replies from your dream buyers

  3. How to create entire email sequences with effective follow-ups - on auto-pilot!

  4. How to easily find highly targeted leads that will buy more from you with less effort required

  5. How to personalize every email in a quick and effective way to significantly increase your reply rates

  6. How to avoid spam filters and deliver your value proposition straight into your buyers’ inbox where they see it!

  7. How to get to the right buyer you need, every time

  8. How to use email automation software to fully automate your campaigns and save time

  9. How to manage and track email campaign data so you know exactly what's bringing you results, and how to maximize them

  10. How to shorten your sales cycle and increase your profits

  11. How to bring a consistent flow of high-quality conversations for your team to close

  12. How to book more meetings so that you can pitch directly to the right decision-makers who can quickly grow your brand

    And plenty more…

This private 3-hour workshop is designed to give your team the exact formula we use to book meetings with billion-dollar brands like Walgreens, Rona, and Walmart.


To find out how Torus can help your team reach new audiences and increase revenue with companies like these, book your free 20-minute Discovery Call with our Founder, Christopher Ogle, below.


What's included within the Torus 7-Step Email Lead Generation Workshop?

Below are the 7 STEPS we share with you and your team:


STEP 1:  Campaign Preparation

How to determine target lead criteria, financial objectives, and what's required to help you achieve them.

STEP 2: Tools and Setup for Optimal Deliverability and Protecting your Domain

How to set up an exclusive email account designed to protect your existing domain and increase email deliverability. 


STEP 3: Value Proposition

How to create an engaging value proposition that will spark your target Buyers' interest and get replies. 

STEP 4: Cold Email Sequence

How to build out an entire email sequence with effective follow-ups that significantly increase response rates.

STEP 5: Build a list of Verified Target Prospects

How to find and create a list of targeted prospects from your dream companies.


STEP 6: Results Tracking

How to track campaign deliverability and understand what needs to be tweaked and when.

STEP 7: Book Meetings

A series of tips and tricks to increase booking rates as well as some time for Q&A to finish!


Case Study

ABOUT: Green Gobbler is a collection of eco-friendly home cleaning solutions, with 24 products across 4 categories. Established in 2012 and with a turnover of US$40m, the business is now expanding its product line internationally.

CHALLENGE: Green Gobbler wanted to enter into some of the larger US and International retailers.


COO, Matt Sternberg, knew that email was a powerful way to contact Buyers, but needed something extra to spark their interest for a meeting. When he discovered Torus, Sternberg took the shot to try their email approach.

SOLUTION: “We looked into email but had low response rates and found it limited our Sales teams' interaction with Buyers,” says Sternberg.


“When we learned there was a more effective strategy for emailing, it meant we could reach the best decision-maker faster than traditional phone calls or travel to trade shows."


“The Torus approach gives our team a consistent flow of high-quality prospects and has shortened our sales cycle immensely. And, we're now on the phones with some of the biggest retailers in the world.” Sternberg continues.

RESULTS: In just 6 weeks, 14 of the 26 retailers contacted have requested product samples and/or calls, with a combined 42,000+ new potential stores for Green Gobbler.

Combined Annual Revenue of Interested Prospects:

$US 1.01541 Trillion

Combined Number of Stores of Interested Prospects:

42,591 Stores

Learn More

To find out how Torus can help your team create more opportunities to increase revenue, book your free 20-minute Discovery Call with our Founder, Christopher Ogle, below.

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